The Haggis Run

Things to do in Inverness?

I bet that you didn’t expect to come across this?

The Scottish Highlands is an area of the world steeped in history and tradition.

Music, fashion, delicacies, scenery… the list could go on and on when describing what the Highlands can offer.

The Scottish Highlands boasts some of the toughest sportsmen and athletes in the world. From your caber tossing Heavies at the Highland Games to the rough and tumble sport of Shinty it’s safe to say that us Highlanders know hard graft when we see it.

Travellers have ventured into the Highland territories for centuries, their intentions sometimes not clear. In the past, like during the times of Bonnie Prince Charlie and Red Coats parading across the country, tensions and fear were at an all time high.

With uncertainty over who you could call an ally or friend changing at any given moment, one Clan Chief created a true test of allegiance.

For any outsider or ‘ Outlander’ if you will, a challenge was set, one of both physical demands and ultimately trust. If you wished to be granted entry into the Chief’s community and live a life with security in a time where there was an emphasis on strength in numbers, you had to complete The Haggis Run!

The Haggis Run was a gruelling test of strength and stamina set across the rugged Highland landscape.

Only the Outlander with the strongest will could complete the run unscathed.

‘But where does a Haggis come into play?‘ I hear you ask.

For centuries the Haggis has been a staple in the Highlander’s Diet. The Haggis itself is a symbol of the true Highlander: pale in complexion, tough on the outside and when you push and push to find out what they are actually made of, you’ll regret that you ever asked!

But mistreating The Haggis for a Highlander is about as serious as defacing The Bill of Rights for any American.

So, as you can guess, The Haggis Run was very, very important.

The Outlander was expected to source a Haggis and return to the community with it intact. The conditions would often be gruelling with the scent and sight of a Haggis gaining the attention of both man and beast along the way, making its caputre something only the very best could achieve.

Once the Outlander returned to the community, Haggis in their possession, they became a welcomed part of the community and received not only the recognition of the Clan Chief but the respect, protection and love of the wider clan.

Centuries have now passed and tensions have calmed. As the Highland Clearances took the heart and soul out of most rural communities, the Highlands became a tamer place to visit and the Outlander could travel safely in peace.

However, in recognition of the battles fought for our land by our ancerstors, I want to pay homage to a once highly respected challenge and offer you the opportunity to once again take on The Haggis Run!

The Haggis Run is back……

What’s involved in the Haggis Run?

It’s simple!

Take your Haggis (pictured).

Note: 5kg Haggis for women and 10kg Haggis for men.

Run your Haggis from start (green spot) to finish (red spot) as fast as you can.

Upon crossing the River Ness, stop on the Ness Islands and perform the following exercises as fast as you can before continuing the run.

Finally deliver your Haggis to Inverness Castle!

Your time will then be added to the Haggis Run leaderboard!

A certificate and pin badge will be awarded to you with the quickest time of the calendar year receiving a “The Haggis Runner of 2018” T-shirt.

Along with an Individual prize, the family name with the most participants each year will have the honour of being dubbed the “Golden Haggis Clan.”

For example, if there was 47 individual Campbell’s that participated, exceeding more than any other family name, across 2018 Campbell’s would become the “Golden Haggis Clan” and have the privilege of leading the Burn’s Night Haggis Run in 2019!

Participation in The Haggis Run costs £15 and can be booked from September 1st 2018 by contacting:

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