The EveryDay Athlete

Sports aren’t your thing.

Endless hours spent in the gym is the stuff of nightmares.

Food prep and macronutrient tracking looks like it’s requires military-level planning.

You’re too busy with family and work to fully commit to your goals.

You’ve looked for quick fixes to solve your problems.

They worked for a while however now you’re back at square one.

The low calorie diets, and meal replacement shakes aren’t sustainable because… shock horror… you’re human!

Fed up, you start to see the social media posts showing the athletes, models and celebrities and off we go again.

Back on the yo-yo circuit, slowly losing interest and motivation each time.

Yet, what if I was to say, let’s take a different approach to your goals?

You may not like sports however you are currently taking part in the game of life.

Life is your sport and you are the athlete.

You make it through each day operating as efficiently as you can.

You rest and recover when needed.

You fuel your body accordingly.

To a realistic diet.

Remember again that whole human thing?

You learn to pace yourself.

Now, pause for a second and take that all in.

Let me be your coach.

We all need coaches.

I’ll set you goals.

Some big.

Some smaller however just as meaningful and will remind you exactly why…

…YOU are an EveryDay Athlete!

An EveryDay Athlete right now.

An EveryDay Athlete 10 years from now.

An EveryDay Athlete 20 years from now keeping up with your grandkids at the park.

Time changes and so does life.

The goal posts may shift or the finish line suddenly seems further away.

Apply the principles of The EveryDay Athlete and you will stay on track.

That’s enough from me.

Step up to the starting blocks and lets go!

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