I’ve been training with Max since June last year. Max is an excellent teacher, patient, considerate, encouraging and enthusiastic. Always positiveI enjoy the training sessions and also enjoy my own times in the gym; it doesn’t feel like a chore anymore and for me that’s a big plus.I feel good. Generally fitter and stronger. Max has concentrated my exercise programme on my weak areas and I really feel the benefit.One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s much easier to get myself out of the bath, without having to use the taps to pull myself up! I feel my body is in good shape and not as flabby as it was before. I’ve had a great variety of exercises, never been bored. I have been challenged and have achieved things that I never thought I would and that makes me feel good.


Despite being initially sceptical, I now see the benefits of a once a week PT session. I’ve lost half a stone over eight weeks and am now much more flexible. For someone who had previously never been near a gym, it’s also been a lot less onerous than I thought it would be. I’d recommend Max to anyone.

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