Personal Training In Inverness

What are you waiting for?

Take the opportunity to work with an established personal trainer and coach with many years of experience.

One-to-one training sessions hold many fantastic benefits that I can’t wait to teach you more about.

Why not come and try it for yourself in a relaxed and welcoming environment?

Based at the Palace Hotel Leisure Club in Inverness, I will take you through workouts tailored to your goals and level of ability.

I take pride in having a strong reputation for positive rapport with clients and I believe that it is having the trust in a coach and trainer like myself that will help you to achieve your goals.

It couldn’t be any more simple!

Work with me and master the skills and techniques of resistance and cardiovascular training.

Majority of my teaching examples are directly connected to activities of daily life.

My hope is that long after your time with me is over, the cues and fixes for certain movements (Squats, Hip Hinge etc) will have become second nature and continue to have you moving along in the most efficient way possible!

Message me now for a free 30 minute consultation or for any general enquiries please go to the “Contact” page and enter your details as instructed.

I guarantee that I can show you a new side to your training and turn any feelings of “I can’t do…” into “What can’t I do?”

Get in touch now!

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