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Personal Training In Inverness

Let’s get started!

Based in Inverness, Scotland at the Best Western Palace Hotel Leisure Club and Gym300 (message directly for Gym300 booking availability) you can work with me and learn how Personal Training offers benefits and results that will last a lifetime!

I take pride in having a strong reputation for positive rapport with clients and I believe that it is having the trust in a Coach and Trainer like myself that will help you to achieve your goals.

With a university education and sports playing background, I challenge myself to continually improve and learn as much as I can.

I can honestly say that I am considerably better at my job now than when I started and will be even more knowledgable in years to come.

I do not have any desire to sit and simply take in money and give out a mediocre service in return.

After a session with myself you will know that you’ve had a professional, structured and fun session with an attention to detail that you will not see from any other Trainer in the Highlands.

At the end of the day Personal Training is about YOU and YOUR goals.

If you’ve had an experience with a Trainer in the past that was not what you wanted or expected from a Personal Training session then I urge you to follow this LINK and message me NOW to see if I can right those wrong-doings.

Now, that may come across a tad bullish however Personal Training can serve as a lifeline and an opportunity for a better standard of life. I would hate for someone’s perception of the industry to be tarnished by one bad experience!

What to expect!

Once we are past the enquiry stage I will invite you in for a consultation.

We’ll take the time to sit down and talk. That’s how I get to know you and can then act accordingly with my exercise selection and programme planning.

The content for every sessions is determined by you and I. With me it’s never a case of turn up on the day and let’s see what we can squeeze in. Each session is planned with the objective getting you closer to your end goal.

I’ll walk you through the ins and outs of weights and cardio training.

The nutrition side of fitness is just as important as the gym and with a plethora of recipes and cooking hacks I’ll have you training and eating like a Champion in no time at all!

When training with me you will work your brain as much as your muscles. I’ll ask you questions and teach you about why we do certain exercises.

Sometimes I will take a few minutes out of the workout to specifically tell you why I made an adjustment of your form.

I find that going the extra mile in that situation only aids the learning process!

This form of teaching ultimately leads to you becoming more knowledgeable and in the long run more independent with your goals and workouts.

Majority of my teaching examples are linked directly to activities of daily life.

Check out Movement Coaching for more on that!

My hope is that long after your time with me is over, the cues and fixes for certain movements (Squats, Hip Hinge etc) will have become second nature and continue to have you exercising with total confidence!

Message me now for a FREE 30 minute consultation or for any general enquiries please go to the “Contact” page and enter your details as instructed.

I guarantee that I can show you a new side to your training and turn any feelings of “I can’t do…” into “What can’t I do?”

Get in touch now!

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