Movement Coaching

  • Pick up your kid.
  • Get up from being on your knees.
  • Walk with a suitcase.
  • Push the lawnmower.
  • Lift the end of the sofa so that your partner can see where the tv remote has gone.

All of the above are scenarios most of us come across on a regular basis.

These are activities of daily living and not what you would typically associate with the gym.

Yet this is where you can get stronger for life.

Gone are the days when lifting heavy weights was something reserved for the bodybuilders and powerlifters.

You should be lifting too!

Apply the principles of safe and progressive weightlifting and you will be stronger for life.

One of my favourite sessions to take a client through is a session where at the end my client says:

“I never knew that I could do that”

Learn all about how we brace our core, manage pelvic tilts, squat, hip hinge and many more movements.

Train with me and make what you do in the gym – and what you do the other 23 hours of the day – a little bit stronger and pain free.

If “Movement Coaching” sessions would be of interest to you then head over to the Contact page now to get started.

Take the time now to learn the skills and techniques that will stay with you for the rest of your life!