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Interpersonal Training

As the old saying goes “Couples that train together, last forever.”

There is so much truth in that statement with studies revealing that increased levels of activity with your spouse or partner can have positive effects on your relationship.

Having your partner’s back through thick and thin is what makes being in relationships so special.

I can vouch for several occasions where my wife has been there to drag me out from a slump and vice versa.

Since Bree and I first met way back in 2014 we have both trained together regularly at home, the gym and at outdoor Bootcamps.

Taking the time to train together has built a stronger bond. Any weaknesses we feel we may have in a fitness sense have always been out on the table for the other to see.

There are things in our workouts that we both find easier than the other does. However it is the moment then when one partner pushes the other one to make it through a tough set or exercise that the magic happens!



Just two of the things you will feel when your spouse has your back.

I’ve worked with so many couples before and once they hit that stage of increased trust and confidence in each other their fitness goals becomes unified and their desire to improve sky rockets!

It then filters though to their home life. Decisions on what to eat and when to exercise become easier to agree on because they are both on the same page.

Sometimes it’s hard if you are in a household with one partner bought in to their fitness goals and the other not quite there yet.

You want your partner to understand how and why you want to get to your goal…

I can show you both how to get there!

With my Interpersonal Training package I can get you both on the same wavelength pushing each other to fitness goal after fitness goal until the end of time!

Sign up today and get access to the following:

  • Pair Training Sessions
  • Tailored Training Programmes
  • Home Workout Plans
  • Nutritional Guidance and Support

For more information and quotes for the package please head to my Contact page!

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