Coach Max’s FAQs: #2

Q: I quite regularly miss breakfast is that a problem?


A: My answer to this type of question is very often the same. If you feel that you can still function as a human being without eating a breakfast meal then that’s great. Keep doing what you’re doing providing that you get in enough food through the rest of the day.

Personally speaking I couldn’t live without my breakfast. It sets me off in the right mood for the day and if I miss it boy oh boy do I feel it. I find that without breakfast I tend to make rash decisions about what I have for lunch and how much of it I eat.

That then has adverse effect for the rest of my day. Dinner feels like too much and then I’m suddenly searching the kitchen for more food late at night.

Nutrition and diets have many grey areas and no method is 100% right for everyone.

The way I look at it is that if you feel hungry you should probably eat.

If you feel thirsty have some water.

Fantastic tools like MyFitnessPal exist to let you know how much you should roughly eat every day.

Put your details into that and play around with your routine. Take your calories and if you do or don’t have breakfast then space the calories out across the day. Just don’t put yourself in a place where you feel that you are starving.

Be sensible and kind to yourself!

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