Coach Max’s FAQs: #1

Q: My leg muscles feel stiff and sore the day after a workout. Is there anything that I can do to speed up my recovery?

A: There will always be a part of your mind that says ‘Go on Max, you worked hard yesterday so take it easy today and do nothing.’

Unfortunately that can turn into a bad habit.

I would always recommend moving on a regular basis the day after a workout.

Two methods that I use for lower body muscle soreness are bodyweight squats (two sets of 25 reps) followed up with light stretches (for example a single leg flexion stretch and a pigeon pose).

The bodyweight squats will help to generate some extra blood flow through the repairing muscles and the light stretching creates an increase in range of motion at the hips beyond what we may otherwise do on a recovery day like sitting in a chair, standing up tall or lying flat on our back.

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