Follow these workouts to add some variety to your routine.

I used the workouts way back in 2015 as basic conditioning to get me started months before the race!

Workout 1:

Goblet Squats 3×12

*Set of Push-ups

Split Squats 2×12 Each Side

*Set of Push-ups

Walking Lunges 3×20

*Set of Push-ups

Dumbbell Thrusters 4×10

*Set of Push-ups

Walk-outs 2×12

*Set of Push-ups

Tabletop Crawl 2×10 Forward/Back

*Set of Push-ups

Workout 2:

Glute Bridges 3×20

*20 Second Hang

Romanian Dumbbell Deadlifts 4×10

*20 Second Hang

Swiss Ball Leg Curls 3×12

*20 Second Hang

Barbell Rows 3×12

*20 Second Hang

Farmer’s Walk 4×2 Lengths

*20 Second Hang

Bear Crawl 2×10

*20 Second Hang

* Indicates a single set to be performed between one exercise and the next.*

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