Squats and Tots Workout – 9/8/18

30 Minute Time Cap

Work through exercises as many times as possible within 30 minutes. Take rest when needed and log how many rounds and exercises you completed.

X10 Walkouts To Reach & Pull (T.A.*)

X16 Tabletop Single Leg Squats (T.A.*)

X12 Tabletop Rows (T.A.*)

X10 Tabletop Bird-Dog (T.A.*)

X12 1&1/2 Goblet Squats

X10 Kettlebell Deadlifts

X16 Kettlebell Hikes

X12 Kneeling to Split Squat W/Press

*T.A. – Transverse Abdominal Drill. Draw belly button towards spine and hold. Ensure to focus on steady inhalation and exhalations.


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