Squats and Tots Workout – 26/7/18

30 Minute Time Cap

Work through exercises as many times as possible within 30 minutes. Take rest when needed and log how many rounds and exercises you completed.

X12 Walkouts (T.A.*)

X5 Tabletop Hold (5 T.A.* Breathes)

X16 Tabletop Single Leg Squats (T.A.*)

X12 Tabletop Reaches (T.A.*)

X12 1&1/2 Goblet Squats

X10 Kettlebell Hip Hinges

X16 Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlifts

X12 Kneeling to Split Squat W/Press

*T.A. – Transverse Abdominal Drill. Draw belly button towards spine and hold. Ensure to focus on steady inhalation and exhalations.


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