Quick Fix #3 Part B: Squats

In Part A I covered a minor change to your squat.

By engaging your hips in the initial movement of your squat you create a stronger and more stable squat.

Today I have an exercise for you to try at home that will hopefully forge a greater connection between mind and muscle!

This exercise takes everything we could do with our knees out of the equation and strips it back to simply flexing and extending at the hips.

Imagine that you are performing a squat on your feet.

Brace your abs and tense your glutes.

From here push the hips back, leaning your upper body over. Keep going until your posterior makes contact with your heels.

Remember! Push your hips away and lean slightly over. Failure to lean over potentially results in an anterior pelvic tilt, which can in some cases limit how much depth you will achieve on your squats.

Apply the rules of index fingers on the hip-line from Part A and see if this is an easier way of creating a hip crease.


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