Quick Fix #3 Part A: Squats

A quick and minor adjustment to your squats that will help you in the long run.

The fix is to load your hips before your knees.

Sounds simple… and it is!

Try this for me now.

Stand up tall and take your stance as wide as you would for a squat.

Tense your glutes and brace your abs. (Not sure what I mean? Check out Quick Fix #2)

From here take your index fingers and place them across your hip-line pointing towards each other.

With your fingers in position, I want you to hinge over (lean upper body over, sticking your hips back in the process)

What we are creating here is a hip crease and if you were to keep your index fingers across your hips they would eventually get caught between the top of your thigh and bottom of your abdomen.

Once you have engaged your hips by creating a hip crease, start to flex at the knees to drop deeper into the squat.

Remember the hips are a much larger joint than our knees. Training our bodies to engage the hips before knees promotes a more stable and strong squat with less pressure directed through the knees.

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