Quick Fix #2: Over Head Press

Tense your glutes, brace your abs…

Tense your glutes, brace your abs…

Tense your glutes, brace your abs…

To some of my clients this will be a familiar phrase and I no doubt sound like a whiny Scottish broken record.

I love including pressing as part of a workout.

These two actions are kind of important.

Without them we have a potentially a more loose and vulnerable lower back.

In most cases pressing without tensing your glutes and bracing your abs will result in an anterior pelvic tilt… and a squished lower back 💥

So try this for me now.

Stand up.

With your hands by your side and relax at the hips.

From here I want you to tense your glutes hard.

Then brace your abs (Imagine someone is just about to smack you in the belly – that’s the amount of tension we are looking for!)

Perfect, that right there is our Lumbar Spine (lower back) braced and in a more stable and secure position.

Why not give that a practice the next time you press a barbell, kettlebell or any other inanimate objects above your head?

Or even better, if you saw the #1 Fix on Planks, try bracing your Lumbar Spine in your Plank as well as tightening up those ankles!

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