Quick Fix #1: Plank

Add 30 seconds to your Plank with this simple adjustment!

We’ve all done a plank at some point in our lives and as we all know there are a whole host of muscles involved when holding that position.

The posterior chain is a big player in the plank and runs from our lower back to our heels.

It includes the erector spinae group, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Have a look at my plank in the video and see how to begin with my body is a bit like a camping tent ⛺️ that’s missing a pole.

That missing pole is what I’m doing with my feet.

It’s loose, unstable and not gonna stand up to much.

Readjust your foot position so that the weight is taken away from your tip toes and more towards the balls of you feet.

From there transfer the weight to your heels and drive them backwards.

Right there we regain tension and stability all the way up our posterior chain and the tent is ready to withstand whatever you throw at it.

Watch the video again if you need to and give it a try!


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