5 reasons why you will achieve your fitness goals if you live in Inverness!

1. Fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Take a step outside and look around. The Scottish highlands are beautiful. We are blessed to have scenery around us that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood Blockbuster. Walk, run or cycle in the highlands and I guarantee that you’ll have a few “Woah” moments as you stop and take in what is around you. Just as good for the mind as it is our bodies.

2. Parks.

Tying in nicely to the previous point, parks and national parks allow the whole family to take the time to play, exercise or simply get some extra vitamin D. I spent most days during my childhood in vast grassy parks and fields and I already encourage my wee girl to get creative and appreciate her regular trips to the play park… and boy, that girl can run… and run… and run!

3. The weather.

Us Invernessians are fortunate in that we get quite a few good days… I say good in that it’s dry but not necessarily warm! However having this weather means making plans to go out and exercise is easier.

I spent summers on the West Coast and I can tell you that when it rains for 12 days straight your scrabble and chess game improves greatly!

4. More gyms and leisure clubs than you can shake a stick at.

Gyms and clubs for all abilities, training styles and budgets. If you’re yet to choose a gym then make sure to shop around as there will be a gym that suits you to a tee.


Every club or gym has an identity and character as unique as fingerprints. See what appeals to you because finding that place you feel motivated and comfortable working out in can make all the difference in achieving your fitness goals.

5. That Highland sense of community.

People in the Highlands have rallied together for centuries and when someone wants to go out there and win, we all get behind them. So no matter what your goal is you will have training partners ready to work with you, personal trainers at the ready, top quality training facilities, motivational surroundings and now no excuse to go out there and make this the summer that you smash that goal and…

Make it happen!

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